Recently Added Listings

  • Vision Web Directory

    Vision Web Directory

    New to the web directory industry, the Vision Web Directory first appears in the Internet Archive on May 2, 2013. The topical directory includes a variety of upper-level categories, and sites may be submitted to the directory, with or without a reciprocal link. Paid options include premium links, at a cost of $3.99 per year, as well as advertising possibilities.

  • SMSWeb


    The general web directory includes a regional tree and an article directory. SMSWeb accepts free submissions but warns of long review times and a high rejection rate. Fee-based options include featured links at $9.90, which include up to three deep links and listing above free listings, as well as its platinum option, which offers up to five deep links, featured in home page.

  • Elite Answers

    Elite Answers

    Elite Answers includes includes a variety of resources, including hosting services, web design services, surveys and polls, email marketing, and a web directory.

  • Wikidweb


    This interesting, entirely free, volunteer-driven resource uses Wiki software as a web directory. As with any other directory, listings can be found by search or through browsing through the directory's categories and subcategories. To enter a site into the directory, it is necessary to register an account, then conduct a search on the URL you intend to add. If it's not already there, click

  • iGuides


    The iGuides directory first appears as a web directory in the Internet Archive on August 19, 2007. The general directory accepts paid submissions only, with a few options available, including advertising.

  • Thales


    The topical web directory features only a few top-level categories, including Business, Health, Internet & Software, and Retail. Links may be submitted for free, with or without a reciprocal links provided, or as a featured link. Featured links may be listed in main categories or, when listed in a subcategory, they will appear at the top of the first page.

  • Canadopedia


    Presented in English and in French, Canadopedia first appears in the Internet Archive on April 28, 1999. The bilingual directory and search engine is focused on Canadian sites, and intended for Canadians and those who desire information about Canada and its inhabitants.

  • Epooch Shopping Directory

    Epooch Shopping Directory

    The Epooch domain first appears in the Internet Archive on March 2, 2001, but it was a pet portal until 2005, appearing as a directory for the first time on December 14 of that year. Powered by a TOLRA directory script, the Epooch Shopping Directory is pretty much dedicated to listing online stores, with shopping carts.

  • Aeroseek


    With a focus on aviation, the aviation directory first appears in the Internet Archive on December 12, 1998. There is no charge for submitting a site listing, but registration with the site is required.

  • Ajooja


    The topical web directory was established in 2007, first appearing in the Internet Archive on October 11, 2007. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, with a number of options. Registration of an account with the site is required for submissions.

  • AMRAY Directory
    AMRAY Directory
  • Aviva Directory
    Aviva Directory
  • Rave the Web
    Rave the Web
  • Jasmine Directory
    Jasmine Directory
  • Elite Answers
    Elite Answers