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  • Events in America

    Events in America

    EIA is a database of professional events and trade shows in the United States and Canada, listing show managers, exhibitors and attendees, professional speakers, event planners, suppliers and venue operators, exhibitor-appointed contractors, and catering to event planning firms, advertising agencies, PR firms, trade show managers, government agencies, corporations, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to find opportunities to sell and promote products or services.

  • Event Planners Directory

    Event Planners Directory

    First appearing in the Internet Archive in 2005, the Event Planners Directory lists businesses or individuals who provide services and resources for events, such as event planners, catering companies, photographers, or others.

  • Baseball Directory

    Baseball Directory

    Online since 2007, the directory sorts its content into three major categories: General, MLB American League, and MLB National League, with its General category including such subcategories as Chats and Forums, Credit Card Sites, Directories, International, Memorabilia, and News and Media.

  • Top Shoppers

    Top Shoppers

    Online since 2006, the directory focuses on listing shopping sites, listing companies and sites offering a variety of products. Fee and paid submission options are offered, including a one-time $59.95 submission fee for its preferred vendor option.

  • Nature's List

    Nature's List

    Online since 2006, Nature's List is a topical directory focused on listing environmental resources, both regional and internationally, its content arranged into several upper-level categories, including Agriculture, Animals, Arts, Business, Education, Employment, Health, Land and Wildlife, Media, Organizations, Science, and Products & Services.

  • Green Gamma

    Green Gamma

    Established in 2007, Green Gamma is a search engine and directory of green services, products and information. Owned and operated by Stonegate Associates, there is no charge for the submission of a site.

  • My Green Directory

    My Green Directory

    Listing companies that share a clear environmental, ethical ethos, as well as sites offering sustainable alternatives, the directory's content is sorted with a variety of topical categories. Three types of listings are available, including free listings and two levels of paid submissions.

  • National Green Pages

    National Green Pages

    Powered by eDirectory, and maintained by Green America, a not-for-profit membership organization that offers Green Business Certification to businesses that meet its standards of environmental consciousness, the National Green Pages features sustainably responsible businesses and organizations, organized by listings and by products.

  • Dir Times

    Dir Times

    Established in 2008, the general web directory organizes its content into familiar categories and subcategories. Submissions to the directory are fee-based, offering both annual and unlimited submission options.

  • Get Blogs

    Get Blogs

    The Get Blogs directory was established in 2009, although the main domain has been online since 2004. There is no charge for submitting a blog to the directory, but registration with the site is required.

  • Jasmine Directory
    Jasmine Directory
  • Rave the Web
    Rave the Web
  • Your Maine Street
    Your Maine Street
  • AMRAY Directory
    AMRAY Directory
  • Aviva Directory
    Aviva Directory