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  • Clora Business Directory

    Clora Business Directory

    Human edited, the general web directory offers a variety of categories and subcategories, including a regional tree. Site submissions are fee-based, with the submission fee for normal listings being $49.95, while featured sites are $149.95. The directory reserves the right to modify submitted descriptions or titles.

  • Cipinet


    In operation since 2002, the general web directory includes a regional tree and a blogs tree. The directory accepts free submissions for basic listings, and offers a few fee-based options. Premium listings are $25 a year or $60 for permanent premium placement. Sponsored listings are $120 per year, after which they will be listed as a lifetime premium site.

  • Aviva Directory

    Aviva Directory

    Established in 2005, the Aviva Directory is a selective, human-edited directory of websites, arranged in categories that are designed to be intuitive, so that searchers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily, and without any spam. Editors are always adding content to the directory.

  • Best of the Web

    Best of the Web

    Established in 1994, the Best of the Web directory is a full-featured directory of websites, arranged in topical and regional categories. BOTW employs a team of editors who are engaged in adding useful websites, adding and maintaining categories, and ensuring the integrity of the directory.

  • Best of the Internet Directory

    Best of the Internet Directory

    Based in the United States, the general web directory features topics from throughout the world, including a World category, where websites in languages other than English may be listed. Its submission plans include rates for six months, one year, and permanent placement in the directory, as well as free placement with a requirement for a reciprocal link.

  • Absolute Directory

    Absolute Directory

    A general topical web directory, the Absolute Directory includes a World tree, which lists websites in languages other than English. New and top-rated listings are featured on separate pages. Submissions are fee-based, and require registration with the directory. Registered users may modify their own links.

  • A1 Web Directory

    A1 Web Directory

    The general web directory lists accepted websites under various categories and subcategories. Its submission guidelines and listing options are put described in detail, and include a standard review at no charge, as well as an express review at a cost of a one-time fee of $39.95, which includes a guaranteed review within two business days. Its top-level categories include are intuitive.

  • 9Sites


    A topical web directory, 9Sites also features a top-level blogs tree. Appropriate site listings may be submitted for free, with an option for a premium listing for a one-time $14.95 fee. Its guidelines for submissions are displayed on the same page as the submission form.

  • 24/7 Web Directory

    24/7 Web Directory

    The general web directory is human edited and maintained, offering a regional tree as well as a full complement of topical categories. The family friendly directory does not list sites with adult, gambling or possibly illegal content, or those that link to such content, with other details available in its published submission guidelines. Site listings may be submitted for free, or an expedited review.

  • RLRouse Directory & Informational Resources

    RLRouse Directory & Informational Resources

    Christian owned and operated, the directory is based in Abingdon, Virginia. Aside from a topical web directory, the RLRouse site offers a variety of informational articles and tools for web-masters, bird-lovers, and others, as part of its article directory The fee-based directory offers only one option for submissions, which is a one-time charge of $49.95. Its terms of submission and other policies are defined.

  • Rave the Web
    Rave the Web
  • AMRAY Directory
    AMRAY Directory
  • Aviva Directory
    Aviva Directory
  • Your Maine Street
    Your Maine Street
  • Jasmine Directory
    Jasmine Directory