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  • My Green Directory

    My Green Directory

    My Green Directory began in the middle of 2011, although it is a continuation of an earlier eco directory that began in 2006. With a focus on on linking to businesses that use environmentally friendly policies, the directory’s goal is to link companies that are making a difference, and producing sustainable brands.

  • A1 Web Directory

    A1 Web Directory

    The general web directory lists accepted websites under various categories and subcategories. Its submission guidelines and listing options are put described in detail, and include a standard review at no charge, as well as an express review at a cost of a one-time fee of $39.95, which includes a guaranteed review within two business days. Its top-level categories include are intuitive.

  • Trust Directory Project

    Trust Directory Project

    TDP offers its content in both English and Russian. Online since at least 2008, the topical directory categorizes its content according to a standard taxonomy. There is no charge for submissions to the directory, nor are back links required. However, only sites with a TrustRank of three or above are accepted. Deep links are acceptable as long as they have different subjects.

  • Search Group

    Search Group

    Search Group first appears in the Internet Archive as a web directory on July 31, 2005. Submissions to the general web directory are fee-based, except that regular submissions may be accepted for a reciprocal link. Otherwise, the cost for a regular review is $25, and featured links are reviewed for a one-time payment of $75, at the time of this review, although the submissions page states that the standard charge for a featured link is $125.

  • Alive Directory

    Alive Directory

    The Alive Directory has been online since sometime before December 3, 2005, when it first appears in the Internet Archive (WayBack Machine).

  • AMRAY Directory

    AMRAY Directory

    The general interest topical web directory accepts submissions without payment of a fee for non-profit and other specified types of sites, but the review time can be shortened upon payment of a $9.95 fee. Premium listing options are available for $29 a year or $39 for permanent inclusion, and premium listings will appear above basic listings. Its categories may be browsed by topic or searched by keyword. Other features include a blog.

  • Jasmine Directory

    Jasmine Directory

    The full featured general interest web directory offers a variety of topical categories, a top-level Kids & Teens category, and a regional tree. There are two submission options: for $29, a standard review allows no deep links and, if accepted, will be displayed beneath express listings, which cost $49 and allow for up to five deep links. Submission policies are stated clearly.

  • Trenchless


    The Trenchless Technology Directory had not been spidered by the Internet Archive until I added it a moment ago; however, it existed previously with a .us extension. The directory features contractors who specialize in sewer repair and rehabilitation using trenchless pipe replacement methods, such as pipe bursting and pipe lining. Other resources included in the directory are specialized underground contractors who provide horizontal directional drilling and boring, micro-tunneling, and other trenchless technology methods to install underground piping and conduits.

  • Directory Journal

    Directory Journal

    Launched in 2007, Directory Journal is a general web directory offering a full complement of topical categories, as well as a regional tree. Its listings may be found by browsing its categories and subcategories or by keyword, using its internal search features. New and popular listings are highlighted in a separate page, and an interactive world map is on the main page.

  • Event Planners Directory

    Event Planners Directory

    First appearing in the Internet Archive in 2005, the Event Planners Directory lists businesses or individuals who provide services and resources for events, such as event planners, catering companies, photographers, or others.

  • AMRAY Directory
    AMRAY Directory
  • Directory Journal
    Directory Journal
  • Rave the Web
    Rave the Web
  • Elite Answers
    Elite Answers
  • Aviva Directory
    Aviva Directory
  • Jasmine Directory
    Jasmine Directory